Class Descriptions

Read about our class offerings below.  Please note that age ranges are intended to be used as a guide only.  Teachers will assist in placing students in classes according to ability levels.  Students may spend multiple years at each level and must take all required classes for their level.

Creative Movement 1 & 2

These classes are designed for our youngest students and focus on introducing the art of movement.  Children receive a beginning foundation of dance through imaginative activities that build rhythm and coordination.  (Ages 2-3 and 4-5)


45 minutes

Fundamental Jazz

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This class makes an excellent pair with our pre-ballet class. Technique is emphasized as students dance to upbeat music in a more stylized manner. (Ages 6-8)


45 minutes


Pre-ballet is one of the first stages in our classical ballet instruction. Students are introduced to basic ballet steps and technique with a focus on posture and positions, in tandem with creative, free movement activities. (Ages 6-8)

45 minutes

Mini Tap

A great addition to pre-ballet and fundamental jazz, this introductory class teaches students to make percussive rhythms with their feet.  (Ages 6-8)  *Tap shoes required.


30 minutes


Level 1-3

Ballet instruction at CDM utilizes the Vagonova technique. Characterized by grace, precision, and strength, ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance.  Throughout our 3 levels of ballet, the focus is on building strength, balance, and flexibility.  All classes follow a similar structure of barre work, center floor exercises, and across the floor, locomotive combinations.  The weekly requirements vary by level (see below) to allow the different levels to work both individually and in different groupings with other levels.  (Ages 8 and up)


Level 1--1 ballet class per week

Level 2--1 ballet classes per week

Level 3--2 ballet classes per week

*Class times vary.

*Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes are organized according to age and ability.


Teen Tap

Level 1-3

Jazz dance can take many forms ranging from musical theatre to lyrical.  Each requires solid technique, though they are more stylized than ballet.  Classes continue to emphasize strength and flexibility along with rhythm, body isolations, and expression.  They include thorough warm-up and conditioning exercises, traditional jazz steps, and extended combinations. Throughout the year, the different levels will work both individually and in different groupins with other levels. (Ages 8 and up)


Level 1-2--no ballet class required, but recommended 

Level 3--ballet class required 

1 hour

Petite Feet

 This class is a great addition to any leveled class, or just for students interested mainly in learning the art of tap dance. This class teaches students to make percussive rhythms using tap shoes. (Ages 8 and up) 

1/2 hour

This class is made for our youngest ballet ready dancers that want to get a jump start on ballet! In this class students will learn ballet technique and be ready for our next set of fundamental classes. (Ages 4-5)

45 minutes

Recreational Jazz 1&2
Private Lessons

This class is for any student who would like to just dance for the fun of dancing! Like our leveled jazz classes, this class continues to emphasize strength and flexibility along with rhythm, body isolations, and expression. They include thorough warm-up and conditioning exercises, traditional jazz steps, and extended combinations. 


1: Ages 6-8

2: Ages 8 and up

45 minutes

Private lessons are ran through the normal semesters. These lessons are to focus one-on-one with the dancer to better themselves as individuals. Each lesson is geared toward personal achievements and goals. These lessons may lead to a solo in the annual performance and a chance to compete at a competition.  (Ages 8 and up and must be enrolled in leveled classes)

1/2 hour

Adult Dance

Don't let the kids have all the fun!  Adult classes include the basic techniques of many styles of dance with an emphasis on fitness and the joy of movement. This class caters to both first-time dancers as well as those who may be returning to dance after a long absence.  

45 minuets

Adult Tap

Once again, this class is for the adults or anyone returning to dance after high school, or a long leave. Tap teaches students to make percussive rhythms using tap shoes.

45 minuets

Basic Tumbling

This is a more acrobatic than dance class.  Students focus on basic tumbling skills, as well as strengthening, balance, and flexibility. (Ages 3-6)


30 minutes

Barre Fitness 

Barre Fitness is a full body workout class. The instructor of this class is licensed in Barre Above. This is a fast moving, high intensity fitness class, with modifications, so everyone can use this class to their advantage!

(Ages 18 and up)

45 minuets


Hip-Hop is a street dance style that includes a wide range of styles. It incorporates popping, locking, and breaking to age appropriate hip-hop music. This is a very fun and up-beat class!  (Ages 6 and up)


30 minutes

Movement Arts Day Camp

An extended "camp-like" class offers a range of movement-based creative exercises to engage and stimulate youngsters.  Camps are themed and activities vary daily and include elements of creative movement, tumbling, storytelling, crafts (all materials included), and dramatic play.


Ages 2-5


45 minuets- 1.5 hours

Mommy and Me

Mommy and me is a great bonding experience for you and your youngster. This class is singing, dancing, instruments, and fun! A total movement and music experience. Parent/caregiver participation is key in this class. 

(Ages 1-3 and a caregiver) 

30 minuets


The yoga we are currently offering is Vinyasa. In this playful and fun, quick-paced class, students are guided through a series of poses. Students will be encouraged to link their breath with their movements to flow through each posture at a pace that feels most natural for them depending on where they are in their practice. Each class will be structured around strengthening and balancing a specific chakra, or energy center, in order to bring about mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

(Mature teens and adults)

1 hour


Stretch is a great class that runs directly after Barre Fitness on Tuesday's. Focus is on multiple muscle groups and stretching out the entire body. It is a very slow paced class and focused on everyone's needs. 

(Mature teens and adults)

30 minuets

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