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Located at the center of Walton, NY, Catskill Dance Moves offers a variety of classes at all levels of ability and expertise.  The facility offers three studio spaces; Two with sprung flooring to prevent injuries and one with rubber flooring for tap and fitness type classes, as well as dressing and waiting areas. 

Mission Statement


Catskill Dance Moves believes in the art of dance as a way to reach a child’s full potential, and our program aims to fit the needs of a diverse population of students.  Dance instruction includes social benefits such as creative expression, discipline, and collaboration through the development of the physicality and artistry required for strong dancers. Our studio strives to teach both students who desire future careers involving dance and those who wish to participate in dance recreationally.


Our courses emphasize the importance of ballet as the foundation for other styles of dance. This traditional technique allows students to cultivate the alignment, flexibility, and coordination necessary to excel in other realms of dance. 


Additionally, we encourage the value of the performing arts in achieving educational goals like fostering literacy, problem-solving, abstract thought, and originality, as well as nurturing a positive self-image and confidence.



© Jamie Lynn Photography


© Jamie Lynn Photography

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