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Studio Policies

Dress Code

Students must adhere to the dress code of their classes. Hair must be secured and off the face. Ballet classes require buns.

  • Creative Movement: pink footed tights, any color leotards, pink ballet slippers, small skirts are optional (no big tutus)

  • Tumbling: leotard and shorts, bare feet (may wear the same outfit if coming from another class)

  • Ballet: solid color leotard (black leotard for level 4), pink footed tights, pink ballet slippers/pointe shoes (depending on class level) No skirts or tutus

  • Jazz: solid color leotard, black footed tights (unless student is coming directly from ballet class.); black jazz shoes, no jazz sneakers

  • Hip-Hop: Loose-fitting clothing (unless student is coming from another class), clean sneakers *no outdoor sneakers*

  • Tap Classes: loose-fitting clothing, (unless student is coming from another class), black tap shoes

  • Adult Classes: loose-fitting comfortable clothing, shoes depending on style of class

  • Male Dancers: black tights/pants with a solid color t-shirt; black shorts are allowed for jazz and tap classes

*Dress code is strictly enforced. An email will be sent home if dress code is not being followed properly*


Class Registration

Registration will occur a few weeks before the start of each semester, fall, spring, and summer. Semesters will run between 13 and 17 weeks, with scheduled vacation weeks, with tuition adjusted according to length. Teachers will place students in classes at the best level for their ability. Students must enroll in all classes required for their level. Payment is required in full before the semester begins, unless a monthly payment plan has been set up.


Make-Up Classes

In the event of inclement weather, please check the studio's Facebook page, check your email/text message for these alerts.   If a class is cancelled, a make-up class will be scheduled.  All attempts will be made to schedule the make up within the regular semester.


If a student misses a class, s[he] or a family member that is also enrolled in classes, may make up class in another suitable class, according to age and ability.  Please schedule this make up in advance.  Missed classes will not be refunded.


Observing Class

We offer a live-stream view of each studio on a monitor in the waiting area. For this reason, we ask that parents wait in the waiting area for students, as having an unscheduled "audience" can be distracting or nerve-wracking, especially for our younger students.


Personal Items

Students are asked to leave their belongings in the dressing room or waiting area during class to avoid injury from clutter in the studio. Students are allowed/encouraged to bring their water bottles into class. It is also a good idea to label all dance items (shoes, bags, etc.) in the event that they are left at the studio. No student cell phones are permitted in the studios. 


Contacting Teachers

If parents or students need to speak with a teacher about a personal concern or lengthy matter, it is necessary to schedule a time when the teacher is not engaged in teaching or preparing to teach.  Please call, email, or facebook message the studio to do so. If you have a question about tuition or financial matter, please contact the studio director. 


Choreography Rights

The faculty at Catskill Dance Moves studio hold all rights to its choreography.  Use of class combinations and performance dances is prohibited without permission from the studio and appropriate crediting.





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