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Competition Team

At CDM we treat competition as a learning and growing experience. We want dancers to be proud of themselves and the work they do. Students learn how to respect and encourage other dancers from their home studio, as well as other competitors at each competition. Working as a team at competition is a bond like no other, and creates friendships that last a lifetime. Students learn the importance of attendance, practice, and ultimately, hard work.  Awards given at each competition are a direct correlation to the amount of dedication and effort the team, or individual, puts in. Lastly, students learn constructive criticism as well as confidence at each competition they attend. (Ages 5 and up)



  • Ages 5-7: Ballet and Jazz class in their age group

    • 5 years old by January 

  • Ages 8 and up: Level 1-4 Ballet and Jazz class

  • Competition Weekly Class

  • Complete try-outs in September

Not Required, but recommend:

  • Attend competition bootcamp in August 


Mini: 1 hour Weekly Class

Junior and Senior: 1.5 hour Weekly Class

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