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Petite Feet

This class is made for our youngest ballet ready dancers that want to get a jump start on our classical ballet instruction! In this class students will learn ballet technique and be ready for our next set of pre/fundamental classes.(Ages 4-5)

45 minutes


Pre-ballet is one of the first stages in our classical ballet instruction. Students are introduced to basic ballet steps and technique with a focus on posture and positions, in tandem with creative, free movement activities. (Ages 6-8)

45 minutes

Level 1-4 Ballet

Ballet instruction at CDM utilizes the Vagonova technique. Characterized by grace, precision, and strength, ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance. Throughout our 4 levels of ballet, the focus is on building strength, balance, and flexibility. All classes follow a similar structure of barre work, center floor exercises, and across the floor, locomotive combinations. The weekly requirements vary by level (see below) to allow the different levels to work both individually and in different groupings with other levels.  (Ages 8 and up)

Level 1--1 ballet class per week-1 hour

Level 2--1 ballet class per week-1 hour

Level 3--1 ballet class per week-1 hour

Level 4--2 ballet classes per week-1 hour and 1.5 hours

*Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes are organized according to age and ability*

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